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Rockhill House Estate History and Heritage Project Consent and Release Form

Thank you for taking part in the Rockhill House Estate History and Heritage Project. Your contributions will be preserved for future generations to explore and enjoy and will be used to inform and inspire future projects on the Estate and beyond Rockhill.

This agreement constitutes a release of any and all submissions to the project and any and all rights therein to Rockhill House Estate and its associated companies. All submissions and any accompanying materials and all rights therein will be the transferred to Rockhill House and its associated companies and will be available for use by the same unless restrictions on use are specified below.

I, the undersigned (or checked box on have read the above and voluntarily offer Rockhill House Estate and its associated companies full use of the information submitted to the project and permission to retain the same permanently. As present owner of copyright of my submission, I hereby assign such copyright to the Rockhill House Estate and its associated companies on the understanding that the content will not be used in a derogatory manner. In assigning my copyright, I understand that I am giving Rockhill House Estate and its associated companies the right to use and make available my submission in part or in full in the following ways: • Public performance, lecture or talks. • Use in publications, including print, audio or video cassettes or CD ROM, worldwide on the internet or in another form. • Public reference purposes in libraries, museums and archives. • Use on radio or television. • Use in advertising, marketing and product creation and packaging • Use in schools, universities, colleges and other educational establishments, including use in a thesis, dissertation or similar research. • Publication worldwide on the internet.


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